Feature Highlights


Market-leading Support

The Empower Wine Platform has integrated bug reporting, and you can access support via email or our online helpdesk. Our Managed Clients can receive access to support via a bespoke helpdesk, Skype and phone.


Integrated Single Sign-On (SSO)

Save your customers time and effort by allowing them to login with one of their existing accounts. Currently supporting Facebook, Google, Twitter, PayPal, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Instagram and Amazon.


Customizable Template

An attractive and easily customisable template is essential to the success of your business. The Empower Wine Platform includes a responsive design that you can customise to make your own very easily.


Feature-rich Platform

The Empower Wine Platform is feature-rich and is continually growing. Our philosophy is that many clients have very similar requirements and these should be met with the standard platform.



Working with the Empower Wine team has been a true pleasure. They are very diligent and thorough in their approach and have helped with significant growth of my business over the years.

I really appreciate their response during emergency situations and they are always there to put things into perspective and correct the issue as soon as possible.
— Josh
EW have managed our site for more than five years. They've helped us find our way through of a lot of technical problems, even over weekends and in the early AM.

It's took a long time for us to find developers that we can call partners, but that's what we've found.

I'd throughly recommend them and look forward to the future. Thanks guys.
— Matt
Our project had to be 100% custom as there was no product out there to fit our needs. Not only was Empower Wine able to complete our site exactly to our specifications, but they were a pleasure to deal with.

They are very diligent and thorough in their work product, and the extremely high quality of their services were worth every penny. Can't wait to start on our next project.
— Keely